Teaching bay area kids to code



Learn Scheme and Java based off Gunn's FOOP course. This course will teach you the basics of functional and object-oriented programming. If you plan on taking FOOP or APCS in high school this is a great way to prepare yourself.


Learn how to code your very own iPhone app. This course will teach you the basics of Swift, XCode, and Firebase data storage. Students will design apps that are a part of the curriculum and then at the end of the course design their own app based on their ideas.


This course teaches you the ins and outs of HTML, CSS, and Javascript so that you can get to building some websites! In the beginning of the course, we will familiarize your with HTML and CSS so that you can create basic but beautiful webpages. Next, we will get into the more difficult task of learning Javascript. Javascript is one of the most used langauges and will be used in creating a backend of your website. By the end of this course, you'll leave with a website more advanced than this one!



We believe in project based learning and student excitement. We do give lectures, but we reenforce the learning with projects each class. When possible we allow students to have a choice in the project we do to bring out their passion and teach them to love CS.


Students should be middle school aged, but we have no requirements or restrictions. Students do not need any previous CS experience. We ask our students to bring computers they can work on and download the necessary software on. If a student does not have a computer we can try to provide one.


We offer 2 week summer sessions that are 3 hours each day (Mon-Fri). Summer session dates and details will be released shortly. We also offer private sessions where your student works 1:1 with an instructor. These sessions can be booked during any time of year.

Summer Session Tentative Dates

We are in the process of picking out dates and times for our summer camp sessions. Please note that assuming it is not safe to meet in person, we will do discounted Zoom camp sessions. To let us know your date/time preferences, please fill out the form below. This form does not take into account specific date/time combinations. We will choose sessions based on overall date/time popularity. We are also testing course popularity, so please select the course you or your child is most excited about. If you have any questions, concerns, or dates you'd prefer please contact us

About Us


We are Gunn high school students who became friends through coding. Together we have built an app for Mozilla's spring hackternship, and taken APCS together.


We are located in Palo Alto. All our lessons will be locally taught. If you are interested in opening up another branch, please contact us.


We decided to start Code.learn() to share our love of CS. We both aren't your typical tech nerd and hope to help other kids discover that coding is for everyone.


Code.learn() is committed to making a difference. As a way of giving back, we have decided to donate all out profits. We are expanding on an initiative Isis began in 2018 to help improve public schooling in Tonga. Although Tongan public schools recieve US aid, they are still underfunded and lack adequate learning materials.

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Some photos from Isis's trip to Tonga along with letters from the staff of some of the schools impacted by the work.

Meet Our Staff

Isis was introduced to CS young and would occasionally dabble in it but never truely was intrested. She signed up for CS at Gunn expecting to hate it, but it ended up becoming her favorite class. Isis got hooked when she started really building things- like apps and websites- as outside of school projects. Isis has experience tutoring other students and enjoys being around kids. Her favorite hobby is surfing which she has been doing for about 7 years.

Isis Decrem, co-founder and instructor

As the daughter of an engineer, Anushka has been exposed to coding her whole life. She has experience in Python, and took APCS at Gunn. She has recently been coding in Swift and is focusing on learning about databasing. Before she really got into coding, Anushka feel in love with robotics. She is currently a member of Gunn Robotics Team.

Anushka Shah, co-founder and instructor

Contact us

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Phone: 650-804-4790